About Us

It’s all about people...

At mike’s, brewing great beer isn’t just a job - It’s a passion. mike’s was founded on a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which is still burning strong since 1989. We are family owned and employ passionate Taranaki locals, both full-time and part-time, as well as a range of local contractors.

We treat our natural environment with the same respect as fellow staff and our customers.
Our vision for mike’s is to be a viable and valued member of the community.
The potential for growth is unlimited, discerning beer drinkers in
New Zealand and the rest of the world are tapping into our bold flavoured beers. All our ingredients are natural, there’s no stuff in our beer that doesn’t belong in real beer.
mike’s is committed to offering you the very best quality beer that we can produce. Helping us are Mother Nature, who supplies all of the ingredients, and Father Time matures the beer for us.