Meet The Team


Ron Trigg

Who I am: Whip cracker and immensely proud father of two

What I Do: Director, Master Brewer, Strategy, Sales, Marketing and anything that nobody else wants to do

What Spins My Wheels: Brewing and supplying amazing beers spins my wheels. Getting feedback from consumers on a product that you’ve helped create is such a buzz. (it’s mostly positive, but not always)

Pet Hate: Waste, of any kind


Carol DeJager

Who I am: An Import from Africa

What I Do: Admin,Sales,Compliance

What Spins My Wheels: Good food and 80's Music

Pet Hate: Disorganisation

carol n-863

Mike Trigg

Who I am: Well....I'm MIKE!!!

What I Do: General Maintenance & Repairs, Feed all the animals and deliver beer orders locally

What Spins My Wheels: Gardening and Home grown veggies and the assortment of animals that call the brewery home

Pet Hate: Animals that dig in my veggie patch and being late or unprepared


Who I am: Lazy old girl, yet my wits are as sharp as ever......just try me

What I Do: Bark and alert the staff when a customer needs to be served, Keep the cats and chickens on their toes

What Spins My Wheels: I love having a chat with anyone that stops and gives me a pat or a scratch

Pet Hate: Bicycles or Motorbikes I don't trust them, having a bath


Dylan Trigg

Who I am: Entrepreneur, Aspiring Millionaire and Humanitarian

What I Do: IT Support, Packaging, Event Bar Organiser and Spirit Guide

What Spins My Wheels: Electronics, Computers, Business Dynamics, Music and Movies

Pet Hate: People who use "Effect" and "Affect" incorrectly


Jesse Sigurdsson

Who I am: Viking/New Zealander (i've got the mixture perfect)

What I Do: Brew astounding beers, Quality Control, Sensory Analysis

What Spins My Wheels: Beer, Food, Sports, Music, Interpretive Dance

Pet Hate: Reality Television