LongLine Lager

“Beer meant for drinking, and enjoying”

Think crisp refreshing lager but with loads more flavour….and not in a green bottle.

The subtle citrus and malty aroma lures you in and then the solid malt and hop flavour take over.

One glass of LongLine Lager and you’ll be firmly hooked.

Whether you’re firmly planted on terra-firma, a salty seafarer or a lawnmower, this beer will slake your thirst. Try pairing with no-spicy seafood and chicken dishes.

Style -

European Malty Lager
ABV 4.8%

Food Suggestions -

Braised chicken, steamed mussels with creamy garlic and ginger sauce.

Tasting notes

Colour - Golden straw
Aroma - Freshly baked biscuits, subtle citrus
Carbonation Level - Medium
Bitterness - Medium
Mouth-feel - Chewy but crisp
Body - Full
Flavour - Malty, freshly baked biscuits, good bitterness to balance out the malts
After-taste - Long lasting refreshing bitterness
Hops - Pacific Gem, Wakatu, Green Bullet


No, it’s available all year round

Medals Won:

2007 BGNZ Bronze, 2008 AIBA Silver