Mild Dark Ale

Brewed in the same spot with the same Organic ingredients since 1989. Mild Mike set about brewing a most unusual Ale, standing out head and shoulders above the watery, sugar-laden alternatives, way back in the 80s.

Like Mild Mike’s pugilist career, the beer has been quietly notching up medals and trophies over the years.

It pours dark brown with a ruby hue when held to the light. Aromas of coffee, toffee and toast. The finish is silky smooth. The flavour is roasty toasty but not heavy and definitely not bitter.

“It doesn’t taste as dark as it looks”

Style -

English Dark Mild Ale
ABV 4%

Food Suggestions -

Beef dishes, Stews, Casseroles, Rich Soups

Tasting notes

Colour - Dark brown with a ruby hue
Aroma - Roasted nuts, coffee, toffee
Carbonation Level - Low
Bitterness - Low
Mouth-feel - Silky smooth
Body - Medium
Flavour - Roasty, toasty subtle coffee chocolate and nuts with plenty of roasted malts
After-taste - Roasted malts, not bitter
Hops - Pacific Gem, Green Bullet, Wakatu

Seasonal -

No, available all year

Medals Won: 

2004 BGNZ Silver, 2005 BGNZ Gold, 2006 BGNZ Bronze, 2007 BGNZ Bronze, 2009 BGNZ Silver, 2016 BGNZ Gold & Category Trophy