“It’s Pilsner Jim, but not as we know it”

We’re saying Nah to traditional Czech and German counterparts – not a hint of malty biscuity body here. We’re talking skinnier than a Wellington hipster’s jeans and crisper than a Bluff southerly.

Brewed with pure Taranaki rainwater, Canterbury malt and loaded with Nelson hops. Pours pale straw with a light head, the aroma of zesty citrus. Flavour is bursting with limes. The best companion to fish and chips ever. Try some lime juice on your fish and see what happens on your next sip.

Style -

New Zealand Pilsner
ABV 5%

Food Suggestions -

Beer battered fish and chips with lime juice on the fish

Tasting notes

Colour - Very light straw
Aroma - Lemons and limes high on the palate
Carbonation Level - High
Bitterness - High
Mouth-feel - Thin and zesty but not dry
Body - Low
Flavour - Citrus, lemons, limes, zesty. No maltiness
After-taste - Long lasting lingering zesty bitterness
Hops - Pacific Gem, Green Bullet, Motueka, NZ Cascade, Pacifica

Seasonal -

No, available all year