CMS – Chocolate Milk Stout

M is for Moose in Milk & Mandolins

An oatmeal stout with plenty of roasty-toastiness but with a softer side, a bit like Mike (aka Moose) that volunteers for the rural fire brigade, plays in the front row for the local rugby team, wears stubbies all year round, but sings carols in the church choir.

The rich chocolate flavour is achieved using generous lashings chocolate roasted Canterbury malted barley, rounded out with Taranaki produced lactose, providing the silky, creamy mouthfeel.

Not a cacao nib, milk chocolate or gimmick in sight. Try cooking with this beer from Irish stew and beef n’ ale pies to pot roasts and Christmas fruit cake.

If you are more the eat and drink kind, rather than cooking, try pairing with non-spicy red meat dishes. Enjoy cool rather than cold.

Style –

Oatmeal Stout
ABV 5.5%

Food Suggestion –

Non spicy red meat dishes

Tasting Notes

Aroma – Chocolate, molasses, roasted coffee
Carbonation – Low
Bitterness – Low
Mouth-feel – Creamy and Chewy
Body – Full
Flavour – Roasty toasty coffee chocolate and nuts, roasted malts
After-taste – Chocolate
Hops – Pacific Jade, Wakatu

Seasonal -

No, available all year

Medals -

2013 BGNZ Bronze, 2015 BGNZ Gold, 2012017 NWBCA Gold, 2017 AIBA Gold