OMPA – OneMorePaleAle

M is for Meerkats, and Malfunctioning Munitions M is for Motueka Hops and More Flavour

The first time this beer was brewed back in 2012, thing didn’t go quite to plan, we were aiming for something quite different, but we loved the hop profile and the flavour came as a big surprise.

Since that first batch we’ve tweaked it a fair bit and unlike the munition, this beer is no dud. The comment most heard is ‘hell!! This is easy to drink”

There is an, as-yet undefined hoppy impression that extends up over top of the palate, a little like the ever curious but vigilant Meerkat. This beer can be enjoyed nice and cold, but not too cold to taste it. Try pairing with confit duck or crispy pork roast

Style -

Strong Pale Ale
ABV 5.5%

Food Suggestions -

Confit duck with grapefruit marmalade

Tasting notes

Colour - Amber
Aroma - Grapefruit and citrus
Carbonation Level - Medium
Bitterness - High
Mouth-feel - Spritzy and lively
Body -Medium
Flavour- Grapefruit and citrus, solid hop flavour and bitterness with lighter high notes
After-taste - Lingering Grapefruit hop flavour and bitterness
Hops - Motueka, Pacific Jade, Nelson Sauvin

Seasonal -

No, available all year

Medals -

2015 BGNZ Bronze, 2017 AIBA Bronze