Robust Imperial Porter

M is for Melancholy Mourners in Magnificent Barley fields

The mantra of keeping it simple, stupid! Couldn’t be more apt than in the context of this beer. Regardless of whether they should be called porters or stouts we think that the way to brew a good one is to hold the malt in the high regard it deserves, creating complexity and depth of flavour with just enough hop bitterness to keep things interesting. Enough malt to yield the robust measure of alcohol to balance it all, and warm even the most mournful soul.

Drink cool rather than cold. Try pairing with rich meaty stews and casseroles. It goes equally well with sweet rich desserts and blue vein cheeses.

Style -

ABV 8.0%

Food Suggestions -

Roast Meats, Blue Cheese

Tasting notes

Colour - Dark as the underworld
Aroma- Roasted/Burnt Malts
Carbonation Level- Low
Bitterness - Low/Medium
Mouth Feel - Full Smooth Creamy
Body - Full and Black
Flavour - Burnt Toast, Malt, Coffee
After Taste - Warming Alcohol, Roasted Malt
Hops - Pacific Jade, Wakatu

Seasonal -


Medals -

2012 BGNZ Bronze, 2013 BGNZ Bronze, 2014 BGNZ Bronze