TIPA – Taranaki IPA

M is for Mountain Goats Minding Mail

Taranaki IPA was first brewed as a collaboration back in 2011. It’s evolved a fair bit over the years, but remains true to the original aim of creating a big, balanced, hoppy IPA that doesn’t dry out on you.
Truck-loads of our distinctive New Zealand hops are tempered by the generous malt cushion and influenced by the warming alcohol. The aroma and flavour resemble a tropical, citrus fruit salad with a big resinous finish.

The result is as tenacious and well balanced as a high-altitude, alpine mountain goat.

For the full effect of flavour and aroma don’t get it too cold. Try pairing with spicy chicken dishes.

Style -

New Zealand IPA
ABV 7.0%

Food Suggestions -

Peri-Peri lime chicken

Tasting notes

Colour - Dark amber
Aroma - Tropical fruit salad, piney, rubbery
Carbonation Level - Medium
Bitterness High
Mouth-feel - Oily and smooth
Body - High
Flavour - Tropical fruit salad with a solid resinous piney foundation. Great balance with the alcohol
After-taste - Lingering tropical-fruit hop flavour and bitterness
Hops - Pacific Jade, Motueka, Nelson Sauvin, Wai-iti

Seasonal -

No, available all year

Medals -

2010 BGNZ Silver, 2015 BGNZ Silver