Flight Of The Falcon

"Flight of the Falcon” is a throwback to an exciting time, in 2010 when Hop Union blended American varieties Simcoe, Citra & Sorachi Ace to create "Falconer’s Flight,” in an effort to satisfy demand for the popular varieties resulting from the West Coast Pale Ale boom, and paying homage to Glenn Falconer, one of USA’s craft brewing legends, in the process.

Notable events of 2010 in New Zealand:-

  • Paul Henry makes an egg of himself on TV and exits, never to be seen again. (Or so we thought)
  • The tragic Loss of 3 members of the Royal NZ Airforce in the ANZAC day Iroquois helicopter crash.
  • The first major Canterbury Quake in November.
  • JK is in his first term and brokers a deal to film the Hobbit movies, now the world believes that Hobbits roam the countryside.

Trying to create something similar to the wave of beers released with this hop blend, we’ve rounded up a cast of Pilots from the RNZAF Ohakea Base that just happened to be craft beer nuts, and formed the collaborative brewing team for "mike’s Flight of the Falcon pilot brew”. In true Pacific North West Coast Style, there are lots of tropical citrus and pine flavours and aroma. We’ve aimed for approachable, drinkable American Pale Ale, it’s not the Apocalypse, no Monsters nor Zombies in sight, it’s not the Genesis nor the Armageddon, It’s Beer!!

Style -

ABV 5.7

Food Suggestions –

Medium Spiced Curry

Tasting notes

Colour - Amber
Aroma - Big
Carbonation Level - Medium
Bitterness - High
Mouth-feel - Full
Body - Medium
Flavour - Malt
After-taste - Hoppy
Hops - Falconers Flight

Seasonal –