M is for Mountainous Mayhem

Kaitake is the second oldest in a series of volcanoes visible on land, nestled between siblings Paratutu and Puakai, in the shadow of the mighty Taranaki. A far cry today, from how she would have looked at birth 500,000 years ago.

Here at mike’s Beer we’ve just created our own force of nature, inspired by this timeless guardian, the aroma and flavour present notes of peaches, pineapple and gooseberries, very crisp on the palate with a broad bitter finish. The result is a plucky, balanced drinkable beer, that like its namesake, won’t be forgotten for a while yet.

This beer can be enjoyed chilled, but not brain-freeze cold. Try pairing with spicy tapas.

Style –

Session Pale Ale
ABV 4%

Food Suggestions –

Spicy Tapas

Tasting Notes

Colour -
Aroma –
Carbonation Level -
Bitterness -
Mouth-feel -
Body -
Flavour -
taste -
Hops -

Seasonal -